Terms of Service

Licensing (Regular License)

  • You are not able to repost my work to other websites (Twitter, Facebook, DeviantART, etc) without proper credit and my consent.
  • You must post credits where it is publicly displayed using my username with a link to my website.
  • I have all the rights to the artwork, so I can post it where I want and do whatever I want with it.
  • You may not use my artwork for commercial use without a commercial license.

Licensing (Commercial License)

  • You will be charged extra for buying a commercial license.
  • You are able to use my work for any purpose, including paid-services, without any royalties.
  • You must post credits where it is publicly displayed using my username with a link to my website.


  • I am not responsible for keeping the artwork that I provide for you.
  • You are responsible for what you do with the artwork provided
  • You are responsible for providing feedback to the work before the final version is sent to you
  • I am not responsible for making modifications to the work after the job is completed.

Modifications, Replacements, etc.

The following apply AFTER the final artpiece has been given to you.

  • Modifications and replacements can be requested to be made, but a fee will be charged if I accept them.


  • If the commission has already been made, and the art piece is in progress, you may NOT cancel the commission.
  • Canceling the commission will require a fee of half the original price for the artwork.


I will NOT accept the following:
  • NSFW
  • Pornography of any kind
  • Nudity
  • Mecha
  • Muscles
  • Furries
  • Elderly
  • Illegal content

I will look over other requests before accepting your commission.


  • You may not rush me with your commission request.
  • If you provide me with a short deadline, you are subject to be charged extra.
  • I can deny any commission request that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms of serivce.

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